Looking for an indoor project that will add a bit of health benefit and elegance?  Create an indoor miniature garden in glass or in a dish. Glass gardens, known as terrariums, are a fun project for a cold day and a great way to keep your thumb green when outdoor gardening is not a possibility!


Thies Farm, St. Charles has all of the terrarium or fairy gardening essentials you will need to create your own miniature oasis.

  • planter bowls

  • glass containers

  • gravel or small pebbles

  • activated charcoal

  • soil stone

  • decorative sand

  • potting soil

  • several 2 - 4" indoor plants suitable for terrariums (we carry a full line of Fairie Plants which are miniature cultivars of common favorites) 

  • Moss, decorative rock, and miniature accessories

  Make mine a mini...!

Miniature, Fairy and Terrarium gardens are available year-round at Thies Farm in St. Charles. There are many terrariums already made for you to choose from or we can assis you in picking out appropriate plants and building one on your own We also offer custom terrarium or miniature gardens. This means you chose the plants and accessories you like and we can do the rest!