Varieties on Plastic: Chandler, Camino Real, Camarosa

Varities on Matted Rows (Perennials): Carendish, Jewel, Cabot

A few things to keep in mind for picking the farm...

  • Dress appropriately - Strawberrys are juicy and might stain your clothing.

  • Wear appropriate footwear - the fields can be muddy at times... this is not a good place to wear your flipflops... boots are best!

  • For the best flavor, pick only RED Strawberries.  Do not pick any Stawberries with green and do not pick the flowers.  You need to pay for everything you pick.

  • Refrain from eating Strawberries in the fields as it is probably best if you wash your fruit before eating it.

  • Do not cross over rows to keep from damaging the Strawberry plants.

  • Stay hydrated - You may bring your own water or purchase bottles in the market

  • Children must be supervised at all times - This is a working farm with large machinery 

  • No Pets -this farm experience is not ideal for Fido... and Fido's fertilizer is not ideal for our food

  • Absolutely NO SMOKING - Tobacco can give fruits and vegetables the disease Tobacco Mosaic Virus.  If you chew or are a smoker of tobacco, commercial cig's or organic, do not smoke around the Strawberries and do not touch them without washing your hands thoroughly with soap and water.

  • No Strollers or Wagons in the Strawberry Fields




Pick Your Own Strawberry Season

Usually begins early May at Thies Farm's North Hanley location.

Midwest weather conditions dictate the year's crop and availability

314-429-5506 for more information


Due to WEATHER and FIELD CONDITIONS, there may be days in which the fields will be closed. It is always good to call ahead for information and availability. During the Strawberry Season, we will try to keep our Website and Facebook page updated as we go.