How it works...

Thies Farm and greenhouses has partnered with the Missouri Botanical Garden in an effort to make recycling plastic garden containers more convenient and accessible. A  MOBOT recycling trailer is parked at both our North Hanley and St. Charles locations. Though there is not a recycling trailer at our Maryland Heights location recyclable plastics may be turned in there as well.

 When the trailers fill up we take them to the MOBOT recycling center where the contents are removed, sorted, and then immediately granulated into plastic chips that are easily transported and remanufactured.


Retaining wall ties and timbers are made from the plastic regrind and sold back to consumers for use in landscaping projects. these timbers are both water and pest resistant making them more durable and longer lasting than their wooden predecessors.

The Missouri Botanical Garden’s plastic pot recycling program is the largest in the nation. in its short existence, thus far it had already saved 680,000 pounds of plastic from reaching United States landfills. This is especially remarkable considering a single plastic pot could take up to 700 years to decompose naturally.


Reusing plastic pots for planting can lead to problems such as cross contamination and diseases being spread between plants. The plastics used for garden containers are low grade and not intended for use over an extended period.. Chemicals from the plastic itself begin to release, being absorbed by the plants soil after repeated exposure to the elements. With reuse of these containers virtually impossible it becomes ever moire important to recycle!