Thies Farm and Greenhouses grows over 50 different fruits and vegetables in hundreds of different varieties on our own farm ground. There is nothing quite like fresh produce picked at the peak of flavor and available that very day in our farm markets. The superior taste of our own produce, along with its high nutritional content is the result of having it on the shelves within hours of being harvested. This means all of the fruits and vegetables are picked at the peak of their maturity, ensuring the most natural and wholesome product. The longer food sits after being harvested, the more vitamins and nutrients it loses. In addition to their nutritional and taste superiority it is also important to note that all of our fruits and vegetables are sustainably grown. Because there is no need to store or ship the crops we harvest there is no need to add preservative waxes or store in unnatural conditions to encourage ripening. From plant to wagon to market shelf is our guarantee to you. For more about our practices of sustainable farming click here.