We have partnered with The Price Family Farm in Troy, Missouri and now offer their fresh, grass-fed beef at Thies Farm. It is currently available at the St. Charles market. A variety of cuts are available and can be purchased individually, once you experience the grass-fed difference you may want to buy a bundle and save! Beef bundles are by advance order. Orders can be placed by calling 636-447-2230 or by email fran@thiesfarm.com. Read more about about the Price Family Farm and Package Pricing below.

Beef Bundles

Until just a few years ago, we had only offered our beer in traditional bulk sections. Now, as a service to those customers who prefer a smaller bulk offering of beer, we offer convenient bundles.  They are as follows:


Beef Bundle #1 (Sampler) - $90.00 (approx 10 lbs.)

4lbs. Ground beef

1lb. Kabob meat

1 Roast (approx 3lbs.)

1 T-bone steak

1 Rib-eye steak

2 Tenderloin Fillet


Beef Bundle #2 (standard Pack) $170.00 (approx. 20lbs)

8lbs. Ground beef

1lb. Kabob meat

2 Roast (approx 3lbs.)

1 T-bone steak

1 Porterhouse Steak

1 Rib-eye steak

1 Sirloin steak

1 Chuck-eye Steak

4 London Broils


Beef Bundle #3 (Small Ground Beef Pack) $67.50

10lbs Ground beef

Beef Bundle #4 (Large Ground Beef Pack) $130.00

20lbs Ground beef